Caped Crusade

I’ve always been kind of apprehensive about cape blouses.. Thinking that.. when done wrong, I’d end up looking more Batman than chic.

Because of my relative lack of height => 1.6m,  and kinda broad shoulders-ish.. I’ve always veered away from such overly large fitting tops since I figured that it’d only accentuate those features.

Today I set out to prove myself wrong, and I’m pretty pleased!

Cape Blouse > $24.90

Boots > Coming soon

Tulle Skirt > Previously available on Kindofwonderful

I’ll be giving away a cape blouse from FLAUNT.CC (color of your choice from the 3 in the links below)! Just let me know how YOU would best style this item, and I’ll pick a winner!


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21 Responses to Caped Crusade

  1. neha says:

    I totally agree with the author this look is so in and can make any girl look an absolute stunner.

  2. Yinghui says:

    I would style this with light denim jeans as the colour of the pink top goes well with light blue; what’s more, its the pastel colour season now! :D Also, by pairing this with jeans, it does not make the entire appearance look too “full” as the top is slight flare thus, jeans would make the bottom part looks slimmer and giving it a figure! Best of all, the top looks stylish on it’s own, it makes one looks good with less accessories!

  3. ziwei says:

    definitely with a belt to tame down the flowly effect!and wearing it over a skater skirt (to give it the flare) or jeggings (to give it the sleek look)!

  4. Sharmaine says:

    I would style this pink top with a beige/nude flowy long pants with the caped top being tucked in, giving the whole outfit a soft look.A sequin clutch will then give the look a little bling. The whole outfit can be completed with a simple pair of black heeled sandals.

  5. Bebe Lee says:

    I will wear the blue one with my black leather shorts and black boots, together with matching accessories to have the gorgeous K-pop style look.

  6. Teo Ren Yu says:

    I feel that the best way to flaunt this top is not to hide it under some cardigan or blazers. I love how the top is flared which hides all the fat underneath and also the flabby arms. But not to worry, a belt can be used for some accentuating of the womanly curves like what you had done in the pictures above. They’re really gorgeous btw. I love how you use this top and create a sweet, dreamy princessy look. So feminine and yet cute. Love it!
    All the three colours are awesome. It’s like there’s a colour to suit your mood. I would feel that red is a bold colour which if me, I will simply pair it with a pair of skin-tight skinnies, be it denim jeans material or leather is fine. It would be really spunky if it were to be leather jeans. Together with sky-high biker heels. Some chunky statement necklace, rings, bracelets and a motorcycle clutch. Wow! You’d be ready to pose with a motorbike like those models.. And when the wind blows, the long, wavy hair and the top.. flowing in the wind. Perfect!
    For the top in Aqua, I would pair it with a bandage skirt. A-line cutting for the working ladies and minis for dates with girlfriends. Black would be the safest colour and will make the bottom look smaller in contrast with the billowy top. If you’re daring enough, I would recommend neon or even pastel coloured skirts as bottom. It would contrast nicely with the aqua coloured top. Let’s imagine aqua top with a hot pink/maroon skirt. The skirt can be slightly flare to bring the cute and flirty vibe. With a brown clutch and some nude heels and you’re ready to walk down the runway!
    The shade of pink is sweet so I think that a bohemian style would be really great. I would pair the pink top with a cream coloured flowy maxi skirt, with a brown weaved belt/string to accentuate the figure. Even better if a white tube maxi dress is worn inside and the pink top is worn unbuttoned and the edges are tied in a knot at the waist area. It nips at the waist showing a 30-70 body proportion. Gives lookers the perception of you having lengthy legs and really tiny waist. Holding a weaved clutch, straw hat, and boho sandals… oh my. You’ll definitely look like a goddess. Don’t you think? This boho look is my favourite among all. (:
    I hope you like the above styles too!
    Thank you for taking time to read the lengthy post.

  7. alyssa chong says:

    I love the Long Sleeve Cape Blouse in Pink. I would wear it with a White shorts, and a belt over the blouse. This is my perfect weekend dress code!

  8. Quek CH says:

    I prefer simple and casual. I’ll wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and platform shoes. This would be a great attire for my favourite shopping hobby.

  9. Ai Lin says:

    I will wear it with a white lacy dress skirt outside. You will portray a sweet looking girl image who melt every guys hearts.

  10. Grace Lee says:

    Red is my favorite color and it goes well with my hot shorts. Sweet and lively, yet sexy is what I’m going for.

  11. Yako Lim says:

    I will refer this look to be causal yet sassy. Light make up with some clear lip gloss over red lip tint.

    I will pair the pink one with a cream colored lace shorts, along with a vintage gold necklace.

    For hair, i will do a messy fishtail braid/any other normal braid. if you want to let down your hair, you can curl the ends of your hair to give it a wavy look. (let it flies together with the wind.)

    As for shoes, let’s keep it simple/safe with any earth colored wedges/sandal.

    It’s a Spring/Summer look and suitable for weekend outings too. :)

  12. Vonne says:

    I’d style this pink cape top with laced crochet shorts for this summer season, giving some texture to the outfit! And wrapping it up with a red/white belt! A flowy, light perfect-summer outfit. <3

  13. Rebecca Cho says:

    I would style this lovely versatile blouse with dark wash skinny jeans and a pair of sexy heels which can take you from boardroom to bars! Put on a blazer for a more formal touch and take it off to FLAUNT the pretty detailing of the blouse. Keep hairstyle to a minimum during the day and dress it up by tying up in a ponytail or my teasing with some hair wax! Put on a darker lip color for the night!

  14. Kailynn says:

    My physical shape is the same as you (1.6m and kind of broad shoulders) but I have always love cape blouses. Haha, I like that it hides all the fats and that the sides go all flare when I raise my arms so most probably I won’t style it with a belt like you. Usually I go casual by matching it (any color) with dark blue denim shorts and a pair of wedges. I will accessorize with a chunky long necklace and a bangle if I want to dress more up or just go without accessories if I want to stay casual. :)

  15. Lucy says:

    I would team this cape blouse with a pair of silk black tailored pants, as for me it is actually winter (but I still love to wear flow-y clothes to remind me of summer when I am indoors!). I actually prefer to have the top billow so I would leave a belt out of the mix, but instead, wear a blazer over the top to control the movement (particularly in the cold wind). I reckon some pastel nail polish, such as a baby blue, would look divine with the peachy pink colour of the blouse. Pair this up with some court shoe heels and you’d be good to go for work and after-work drinks!

  16. Faith says:

    I will style it with a denim jeans together with black heels! :D

  17. Honey Tansi Faith says:

    I will wear as a top with a denim jeans together with black heels! :D

    Or maybe wear it as a outer piece with a white spag together with a denim skirt! It will look pretty! ^^

  18. Venice says:

    I will wear a long flowing grey vest over the cape blouse with a skinny belt(for the top) with medium grey or black tights or straight cut black pants(bottom) and with a pair of strappy heels.

  19. JE says:

    I will first wear a skinny belt at the waist of the cape blouse, then wear a white jacket over and pair it with three-quarter length black pants and wear a pair of silver glittering 3 inch heels for a executive look!! :)

  20. Ann says:

    I think you pulled off the caped shirt really well. I would pair a caped shirt (especially from those colours) with dark skinny jeans and a pair or low slouchy boots with a long necklace. Slip on a pair of colour blocked heels and you’d be set for a night out to town.

  21. Cincin says:

    I saw how they did it in the movies. I’m gonna wear it with a super skinny leggings!

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