outfit post: studs & unicorns

I was so determined to redeem my 20% birthday month discount from F3, that a little rain (huge understatement) could not stop me.

I picked out a cool leather motorcycle jacket with fur trimming and a felt carryall in a moss color (I don’t usually go for muted colors, OR carryalls. Being the magpie that I am, anything bling, bright, and bold usually catches my fancy first)

Love the quilt detailing on the shoulders and sleeves. The detachable fur collar also means that this piece is a lot more versatile than it looks!

The patent trimming adds a bit of oomph to this otherwise (in my opinion) ordinary bag. Carryalls usually make me feel like I look like I’m headed to the gym, but this one, with all its chic details, shouldn’t!

Spent the first half of the day in our store @ Orchard Central – here are a couple of pics of what I was in today!

Decided to break out this lavender spike blouse which we launched online a month or two back. I love everything about this blouse – the color, the collar, and the spikes. Only problem is – I never quite liked wearing blouses for some reason. But the details on this simple piece changed my mind on that.

Paired it off with these incredibly cute unicorn shorts which will be available soon on our site too!

Getting all matchy matchy with the accessories – gold spikes, cuff & claw ring.

Blouse – http://www.flaunt.cc/tops/lavender-spike-blouse

Shorts – Coming soon – Flaunt.cc

Cuff – House of Harlow

Ring – Coming soon – Flaunt.cc




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