The Dragon Has Entered

Ok that’s a lame header.

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

Boy, am I glad the new year is over! Not to sound like a grinch, but Chinese New Years are always quiet affairs for my family.

My tummy always expands to it’s full capacity (aka bottomless pit) during the holidays, and here’s why.

How to resist these ‘once-a-year-goodies’?

For our foreign readers, the first pic is yusheng (Prosperity Toss), a dish traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year. The dish comprises raw fish, shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments – all tossed together. Like a salad. The tossers usually go kinda crazy with this one, resulting in massive ‘food fights’. The second is a soup boiled from Longan. I have no idea if this is a Chinese New Year dish, but in my family, we have it once a year as the sweetness lasts for an entire year. It’s reallyyyy sweet.

Anyhoos, we continued adding new arrivals instore through the New Year. If you have not checked them out, you can do so here

Here’s one of (my boy’s) favorite. Pretty swing style dress with a lace overlay across the waist. Great for the upcoming valentine’s day I think :) We have it in a couple of colors too.

Pardon the messy background – that’s what happens during our photoshoots :)

Yes, I am aware that the Christmas Tree is still in the background.

The idea is to leave it there till this Christmas.

Laziness rocks.




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