To Dye For…

Lovin’ our new dip dye shorts!

Here’s me doing shop duty a couple of weeks back.

Shorts are great for the shop. You see – it takes a certain level of skill & flexibility to navigate within our claustrophobic shop counter, and it’s tougher to jump across bags of stocks when you’re wearing a dress, or worse, a mini dress.

So yes. Shorts are my weapon of choice.

Here’s me on shop duty the week before. In my new favorite pair of shorts, and a sweater from the store as well.

I love how the shoulder details and the color make the piece look fresher and younger. Knit has a grannying tendency, I feel – so the cold shoulder helped to young it up a bit.

Threw on some pretty rings that I bought while I was on holiday in Taiwan,I think? Can’t quite recall.

Fly Dye Shorts –
Feelin Purple Sweater –
Assorted rings – Taiwan
Shoes from Forever21


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