Animal Instinct

It’s Thursday.. and that means I’m getting prepped for our Flaunt Friday launch!

If you have not noticed, we have been introducing new Flaunt items every Friday, so you can expect to see new EXCLUSIVE Flaunt designs every Friday! We’ll also be throwing in some gorgeous bags for tomorrow’s launch :)

Here’s a favorite from our Flaunt Friday last week! (Asides from the Bouquet Bustier dress which I simply simply adore!)

Easy, versatile, and comfy – these 3 criterion are really important to me when picking an outfit. I usually spend my time in the office (as an office packer) / in the store (where I perform extreme contortionist acts to manoeuvre the impossibly tight counter space) and at photoshoots (as reflector / prop holder) so comfort is really important to me!

This top has definitely served its purpose as part of a ‘throw on and go’ outfit, so today I decided to jazz it up a little by pairing it with a cute bow accented flare skirt, and one of my favorite bags.

Top – Breezy Blouse Zebra, Skirt – Asos, Bag - coco cage bag, Shoes – coming soon to

How would YOU style this item? Comment with how you’d best pair this item –  best entry wins this top! :)


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9 Responses to Animal Instinct

  1. TianChen says:

    Well, since the top has striking zebra prints, I would most probably pair it up with a simple shorts(high-waist/normal) or a pleaty skirt! This is so to allow the top to stand out more, prefect for casual occasions.Moreover, it works with skinny jeans as well!Besides that, the top has a white base and black prints, it would be a lot easier to get along with splashing colours such as yellow! Not too much accessories as it tends to make the whole look messy!

  2. TianChen says:

    yellow bottoms i mean :)

  3. Serene says:

    I would pair this shirt with my favourite denim shorts or any shorts that goes well.
    But however, this top goes well with basically anything!
    Be it skirts, shorts or even jeans :)
    Because it is white in colour,with those cute little prints on it, it goes well with any bottoms.
    Next is your style of bringing it out when you wear it :)

    Overall, it will definitely look awesome when you wear it out for any outing or even to the school!

  4. Rui Ling says:

    I’d pair this top with an oversized cardigan and dark denim cut-offs. I love tops with adorable prints like this!

  5. Grace says:

    First up, I loved your pairing. Leave it to me and I’ll pair this top with Flaunt’s Scallop Hem High Waisted Shorts in Red ($26.90) or the Lipstick Red Pocket Skirt ($25.90) for a lovely pop of color. I think it’s perfectly fine to pair an animal print top with an accessory in another print, like Flaunt’s Paper Cut Handbag in Lime or Turquoise ($36.90 and oh-so-pretty!)As for shoes, I’ll pick my trusty ol’ flaming-red heels. :)

  6. Joey says:

    High waist suade pants ^^ with the red devil heels.

  7. Ren Yu says:

    Cute top! (:
    Hmm,I think I’ll pair it with pastel peach highwaisted denims. Or perhaps some skinnies of neon shocking colours.
    I’m sure that will do some brightening up of the dull and gloomy rainy days.
    Also, I’d pull on a slouchy cardi… with some classic flatforms. A clutch and maybe some rings or bangles to accessorize. Simple yet totally fashionable!

  8. S says:

    To town: I would pair it with my denim high waist pants, my suede black wedges and studded tote bag.
    To school: With brown/maroon shorts and leopard prints flats. (And I’ll feel like an explorer in the jungle :p)

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