Bouncy Flouncy

Yay it’s Halloween! The day that we can all play dress up and not have people staring weirdly at us!

It’s the same shit every year though!
1 month before – lame halfhearted attempt to find something
2 weeks before – there’s still 2 weeks left, no worries, I can still grab something off the costume store
2 days before – what the hell, all the good costumes are taken, no point wasting a trip to the store
Day itself – note to self: start looking at least 1 month in advance next year

Before I put on my half-hearted attempt of a costume, here’s a short outfit post on one of my favorite dresses for now!

Contrast Layered Flare Dress from Flaunt!

I love the flouncy skirt on this one! Give it a twirl!

Contrast piping along the neckline and arms

Paired off with Lace Lace Up Booties

Lace Lace-up Booties – Coming soon to Flaunt



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3 Responses to Bouncy Flouncy

  1. ssamantha says:

    i love the shade of your lippie. kindly share what you are using for your lips? thanks

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