But I’m terribly intrigued by all things bright, shiny and just all-out-flamboyant like this pair of Haus of Price wedges, available at Solestruck.

Ive been a big fan of wedges ever since I realised that I was not blessed with the gift of height. (All the years of prayers, gone to nought) Wedges are my weapon of choice – they give me the 3 half / 4 inches that genetics has robbed me of,  they’re easy to put on / take off, incredibly comfortable and I don’t feel like I’ve been teetering on stilts even after a long day.

I may try DIY-ing this pair (if time permits), but till then, anyone looking forward to some cool new kicks? We’re expecting some great shoes and will be introducing them on Flaunt soon, so do watch out for that!


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One Response to CALL ME A MAGPIE

  1. Wendy Lee says:

    Looking forward to it! since I am also blessed with a petite frame :)

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