Lazy Sunday

It’s a lazy lazy Sunday, woke up slightly past noon and I’m just about done with my blueberry cream cheese bagel and glass of milk. I feel kinda healthy even though I’m pretty sure bagels are not.

It should be the glass of milk – somehow the image of smiling milkmaids and happy cows (even with them getting all their milk squeezed out of them) pop into my mind whenever I even so much as sniff a drop of milk.

Anyway, enough about food. In between my hectic schedule of feeling lazy and lazier, here’s an outfit post for today!

I’m a fan of basics – they give me an opportunity to throw on anything that vaguely matches, and a ton of accessories, and call myself stylish. in an ideal world, that is.

Today I’m wearing the Ribbed Flare Tank Dress – Blue paired up with a crochet turban, and a sunshine yellow belt.

Paired off with a mustard blazer from Topshop

Blue Crochet Turban – I’d prefer the turbans that cover the top just so my head doesn’t look like an apple on top, but this is great for everyday wear.

Love the contrast of blue and yellow. I don’t see this match up very often. Maybe it’s kinda weird, but I love it.

Trusty ‘ol rugged booties which adds a touch of rugged-coolness to my outfits

So, tell me. How would you style the blue flare tank dress?

I have one for grabs to my favorite suggestion, so leave a comment with your best idea!


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7 Responses to Lazy Sunday

  1. joey says:

    I will match it with a lacey scarf and a nude stilettos . The dress gave me a carefree feel and it would be perfect for all occasions! :)

  2. Lum Shire Li says:

    I would wear it with a bright green belt + sling a bag over my shoulder and match it with simple black loafers for a casual weekend attire or black pumps for dress down Fridays. Black cardi is optional for a movie date :P .

  3. Joy Chan says:

    This dress has a luxe beach resort kinda vibe- very St Tropez! I’d pair it with a red wide brimmed floppy hat (like the one on back order at flaunt), oversized sunglasses, embellished heeled flip flops (sequined or a big flower would do nicely), and a luxe tote for the beach- think Kate spade or an LV never full. Don’t forget a cute bikini underneath, and lotsa sunblock *wink*

  4. Sue says:

    This dress will add a dollop of sweetness to my punk look:- hacienda lace-up boots, 3-quarter leather pants, motorcycle fingerless gloves and some smoky eyes.

  5. Eunice says:

    A black, drapey cotton vest and a thin camel belt at the waist. With Dr Martens and Vintage tortoise shell shades. (:

  6. jo says:

    Black high-top sneakers and red/grey thin scarf. It got to be fun and weather-proof for wear these days :)

  7. MissChief says:

    It’s been a while, but gratz Shire Li! Drop me an email at with your address! Happy Holidays! :o )

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