Painting the town red!

It’s nearly National Day, and every National day, I find myself pulling out the red pieces from my wardrobe, because it’s the day almost everyone in Singapore will be decked in red, and/or white!

I love the color combination, though sometimes I do think it can look pretty cheesy especially if all 5 million of us are wearing red+white (yes I am exaggerating) So, how do you wear your reds, and stand out of the crowd, with (almost) everyone else wearing the same color?

We collaborated on a mini styling project with Gabriela of Deaneris who took these gorgeous shots of, our red shorts!

In Singapore, it seems like we kinda just slide on the fashion end.. Shorts don’t have to be sloppy! You can pair a nice tailored pair of shorts with a peplum blouse and a cute purse, and look like you really made an effort to dress up.

So tell us, how would you style your Flat Front Shorts?

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