We Heart Makeup!

Here’s an outfit post from my day yesterday!

I’m wearing Flaunt pleat paperbag skirt in green, matched with a basic blouse and accessories!

These rugged booties will be available on Flaunt real soon! Chunky heels make my legs look less chunky. yay!

Closeup of my accessories. The gold one was from Forever21, and the brown one was on sale from Accessorize. Same rule applies – chunky accessories give the illusion of less chunky wearer. yay!

Now back to the main topic for today.. Makeup!

I’ve always loved experimenting with makeup – glitter, shimmer, neon (not when I go out though!), and though I usually stick to my basic neutrals, I love trying out new colors at home. Ask my friends, I’m ALWAYS bugging them to host makeup parties. I mean – it’s a great way for girlfriend bonding, and to test out your makeup stash, right?

So when the opportunity arose for us to collaborate with makeup brand Majorlica Majorca, I jumped at it immediately. Let me tell you first – I’m not a sell out, so I’m only going to work with and endorse brands that I like.

Tried out a full-on Majorlica Majorca (MJ) makeup face yesterday with their makeup artist, and boy, am I sold on their products.

From their makeup base, to their glitter eyeliner gels and famous waterproof mascaras, I love them all! Their pretty packaging adds quite a bit of pizzazz to my usually boring makeup pouch too!

You can’t quite see it from the picture because of the low (and yellow) lighting, but I’m using a glitter gel eyeliner, and dark blue mascara from MJ Chapter 32.

Closeup to show that one speckle of glitter on the right eye (which is actually my left eye) The glitter is really shiny, and not too huge so it adds a subtle glitter to your eyes! Add some on your lashes for some extra bling on your blinkers.

Pardon the sick face – been down with a cold for the past couple of days.

This week, We will be launching our collection with 2 make up looks by Majorlica Majorca, and we will be giving away eyeshadow palettes to 2 lucky Facebook fans.

More details available on our Facebook page


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