Do You Dare Wear The Palazzo?

You know what’s a great alternative to sleeveless dresses in sunny Singapore? WIDE palazzo pants in lightweight material that flutter in the wind. Why? Because beyond being loose and airy, they add a dash of pizzazz to every strut you take. They yell “fun”, “daring”, “unique” and is perfect for the chic day time look. Pair it off with a light weight tank top or a cute sleeveless top. Ah what the heck, these beauties are so versatile you can pretty much throw anything from vintage, fitting blouses, tank tops, crop tops, whatever! Blazers even look great with them!

Do you dare? Pics below for inspiration.

Palazzo Pants

Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad

Blake Lively & Selena Gomez

I need to get my butt off the couch and take some pics wearing the palazzo! but till then.. Shop Palazzo Pants on

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4 Responses to Do You Dare Wear The Palazzo?

  1. I’m gonna rock the red palazzo pants that I just got from Flaunt!!! but… are those palazzo pants or just pants?

  2. Candice says:

    Hi I’m just wondering how to iron the pleats in the palazzo pants? It looks difficult, looks like I need to put in a lot of effort =S. Really want to get one of those lovely pants!!!


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