:: Little Miss Bookworm ::

Pretending to look all intellectual in front of a book shelf.

The red on that cardigan (from Flaunt!) is very naize. I was deciding between the red and the grey but then decided i have a bunch of cardigans in different shades of grey so red won the vote and no regrets there! I’ve been wearing a lot of black the last couple of years (Roommate influence. Her entire wardrobe is 99% black.) but I’m starting to miss colours so I got a bunch of other red stuff from Flaunt which you’ll be seeing more soon! I’m not that big on accessories but I threw on the feather necklace as an afterthought and I think I like it!

Me with my gramma-checking-out-the-books pose. Ok, I wish i had longer legs. But I shouldn’t complain. I’m a good half head taller than Cinddie! :p Cin, you know I only have love for you! Even if I only see the top of your head half the time. hehe…

Is anyone noticing the emoticons at the bottom of the photos? I don’t use emoticons enough on my phone so thought I’d give them some love here! that chick is about to have worm for dinner! … yes yes, I’m a dork. Ok I think I’ll stop now.

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One Response to :: Little Miss Bookworm ::

  1. MissChief says:

    Enough of the short jokes! I’m not the shortest! *whistles

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