:: christmas came early! ::

My room mate is a jewellery designer and has a lot of packages come in every so often and when she’s not in town, I’ll sign off for her. The door buzzer buzzed (its not a doorbell, its a horrible eardrum bursting buzzer that old taiwanese apartments seem to like to use) THREE consecutive times at 8:36am in the morning and I was like why can’t these postmen ring it just once?! So like a zombie, I crawl out of bed and make my way to the living room.

Zombie: Hello?

Postman: Hi, package for Miss Zhuang.

Zombie: ….. OMG, u gotta be kidding me. No such person.

Postman: Oh alright then.

I hear him leave abruptly. This happens a lot by the way. Mistaken packages are always being delivered to our place. I should just sign for them all and see what interesting things are being delivered wrongly.

I contemplate going back to bed, but I decide to have an early start with household chores and breakfast. An hour later, I hear that dreaded buzz again. But this time its for me! Christmas came early from Flaunt.cc! Thanks Cin!

I should’ve taken a photo before I opened it but I got too excited! First thing I saw was the oversized bag I’ve been waiting for. Leopard print no less! And then I opened it and found a shoe. I was a little worried because…

And I checked the shoe for the size and yup, size 37, no mistake there. So how could it be! Then I thot, this has to be a mathematical thing that I just did not get. So I tried it on and..

I’m a happy camper! Perfect fit! I have big feet for my height so these make my feet look smaller! I likey!

A box of trash wrappings never looked this good! So much fun opening it and even the bubble wrap I sat on added to the fun every time it popped when i moved around. Like little bubbles of fart. :p Oops. A little too much?

Up next: Outfit post! Should’ve posted this last week but I was thinking of another way to wear the dress and I thought I’d post it up together but I’ve been lazy with the laundry, so here it is first!

Yet another awesome piece from Flaunt! I like this dress coz there’s a little elasticity to it so its super comfortable. It has a pretty serious neckline but the flared skirt brings it back to a youthful look. Added that belt to make the flare more distinct. Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to wash it soon if I’m gonna wear it again!

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