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The weather was pretty awesome last week when I took these photos. But now its turned really cold and rainy. :( I guess its time to pull out the winter coats!

Testing out the purple wedges for the first time.

Ok I am so addicted to this bag its ridiculous. It fits everything. My fat fat wallet, iphone, lipbalm, keys and… and… ok fine, I don’t carry a lotta things but I was quite impressed the other day when I actually managed to stuff a bag with 10 big cloves of garlic in it! Don’t ask. Vampire series overload. :p

My stockings from the back. I think it’ll prolly look better if I wore it with pumps. These wedges are almost booties so it doesn’t show off enough line! Are you guys interested in these stockings (here and the other ones from the :: keep me in suspense :: post) coz then we might do some giveaways! Any takers?

I’m actually trying to show off my DIY nails in this shot, in case you didn’t notice, but it didn’t turn out too clear so I’m gonna MAKE you notice! haha!!

With that, I just wanna say Xmas is right round the corner and I am so excited to go home for family time and big feasts! I am gonna stuff my face with so much food!

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