:: happy chinese dragon year ::

Quick post.

Haven’t taken a lot of outfit pics coz I’ve been busy!

There’s the spotted red cardi again. I love it with this blue baby doll silk dress. Although I’ve been told I look pregnant in it sometimes. I threw a big cream coat over this outfit but I forgot to take a photo of that. :[ next time!

So those are the Palazzo pants. Don’t kill me please for the horrible photo. I know all my photos are horribly self taken or in bad lighting but this one beats them all hands down. I figured it was then or never because I didn’t think I’d have another bright lit room to take a photo in that night.

So I got my brother to take another photo for me in the carpark. I was wearing 5 inch wedges but somehow he still managed to make me look short. Great. In real life, my legs looked ENDLESS in these pants.

When my mom saw these pants, she was like, “In my younger days, Bellbottoms were all the rage! I shoulda saved some of mine for you!”

And I said, “Mom. Please. These aren’t Bellbottoms. These are Palazzos.”

We both laughed and had absolutely no idea what I was saying but who cares. Just having fun with clothes!


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3 Responses to :: happy chinese dragon year ::

  1. MunLing says:


    I came across this blogshop from Sophie’s. I must say flaunt.cc has everything I am lookin for!!! the prices are reasonable, you honor those who subscribe to ur mailing list and your clothes are different from most other blogshops! Thank you for introducing such unique pieces and I hope you will continue to sell beautiful clothes to (your official) fans like myself! Happy CNY!

    • MissChief says:

      Hi MunLing, Thanks for your wonderful support! We’ll be working towards more exclusive designs and better value for our dear customers like you! :)

      • MunLing says:

        YAY YAY YAY! anyway, your new collection is amazing too! Just introduced your blog to some of my girlfriends and they are like swooning over the pieces! keep it up!

        p.s. do introduce more dresses for valentine!

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