That’s what we do in the Flaunt office when we’re thinking of what to do next – did that today in my Aztec bustier – new fave in my (bursting) wardrobe, paired off with a pair of faux leather shorts from H&M, gold chunky necklace & woven leather cuff.

Hands up if you want a pc of the Aztec Bustier as I have a piece to give away! Drop me a comment on how you would best pair it, and we’ll select a winner from there!

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13 Responses to MILLING AROUND

  1. Joy Chan says:

    I’d wear the Aztec bustier over a white shirt and a pair of jeans, with black stiletto pumps and gold hoops for an edgy twist to a classic ensemble :)

  2. Dionne says:

    I will pair this with ripped shorts and flatforms to ‘attract’ the attentions ^^

  3. Carol says:

    I would do it with blue washed shorts, together with a wine red blazer together with black Wedge pump and a big chunky simple watch. It’s casual and chic at the same time, brings u from day to night. :)

  4. Ms lee says:

    I will pair it with my white linen pants & top it off with a scarf for a lazy breeze Sunday.

  5. Agnes yong says:

    Paired off with my blue Levi jeans..

  6. Wendy Lee says:

    Frankly, I had never worn a bustier as I’m quite skinny :p I would imagine pairing it with a long sleeved, but probably a translucent type of shirt (since the impt part is already covered) :p then wear with a ‘princess cut’ type of dress to make
    it feel hip and sexy and most importantly – Fun!!

  7. Agnes yong says:

    Paired off with black leather skirt n boot

  8. Joey says:

    I would pair it with a satin material type of flare pants to go with the top! :D It would bring the elegance out of you and it could be versatile too! Rope in a contrasting blazer and a pair of stilettos , you’re ready for work.

  9. Belinda Cheong says:

    Black pencil skirt,black pointed killer heels (think loubs!) black rimmed glasses and a pencil in hand. Hair twisted into a bun. Long necklace (black based) with Chanel inspired flower.

  10. MissChief says:

    Thanks for the comments! We’ll announce the winner tomorrow! Watch out for tomorrow’s blog post :)

  11. Ivy says:

    Sorry Cin, do u mind sharing where u got the black heels from?

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