Polka dots make my day

Just got this design in, and I’m loving it so much, it’s sneaking here!

Polka dots really make my day – there’s just something about those little colored circles on contrast colored fabrics that somehow evoke a sense of happiness in me. Big dots, small dots, pink, black, in all possible combinations.. I love them all.

Hello, that’s me.

Love my new shelving, added those in last week when I realised we were running out of floor space. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress – with a slight vintage-y feel, colors are available in reverse too, and if you’re feeling pretty, throw on a mid length tulle skirt under to make the skirt pouff up a bit.

Polka dot – attache pair up.

full lining – I love how a small addition like lining can make a dress look a whole lot more polished

Brought to you by Flaunt.cc

Oh no, the office is a mess and I’ve got to get the office ready for a mini office cum birthday party over the weekend with my bunch of girlfriends whose birthdays all fall in a cluster between 14 – 18 Oct (minus Rox: we’ll take a pic of the cake for u) Can I get a part time helper as a birthday pressie pleaseeee?

Oh, and a big congrats to our ‘Snag These Bags’ contest winner – Elaine! Hope you enjoy the bag!!

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10 Responses to Polka dots make my day

  1. SJ says:

    Hey Cin,
    I really like your lip color! May I know which brand and color??? :)

  2. linda says:


    Where can i buy the polka dot dress?

  3. 3rd birthday in a row without meeeeeeeee!!! i think you guys should play dress up and have a fashion show birthday party! and you have so many people to help clean up after anyway.. no fairz…..

    p.s: blush colour very naize cin.

  4. Elaine says:

    Hi Cin..
    Lurv e bag n my recent purchases!!! Muack!

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