It’s been bustling at Flaunt for the past 2 weeks, just another day and we’ll be on the roads again! (Our office will be closed from 22 – 28 Sep)
Even though my bags aren’t packed, and I’m feeling so hurried, I just had to slip in a blog entry on what’s new!
If you have not read our mailers, then read this now! We’ve just introduced pre-orders for some pretty awesome bags on our site!

I’m loving the leopard print maxi carry all (1st from top), it’s my favorite bag thus far, and fulfills all my criteria for a functional bag.

1. Outstanding print – enough said, check
2. Roomy – check! I can throw both my pooches in there and have space for perhaps another chihuahua
3. I know this sounds weird, but I swear this bag makes me appear slimmer. My hypothesis – bigger bags = illusion of smaller person, not too sure how true it is to others though!
4. Reasonably priced – who doesn’t like a well priced item?

All this plus the fact that I think I kinda look quite cool carrying it (self denial, whatever) makes this the perfect bag for me! So.. what bags do you fancy the most and why?

Let me know your thoughts! We’ll have one bag of your choice up for grabs (from our bags selection, subject to availability) , so comment away!

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10 Responses to SNAG THESE BAGS

  1. Yuanita Wu says:

    Saw these cuttie.

    I will pick the red one tough. Like the red and how is formed-almost prefect square.

    The outline emboss gives me feel a bit classic. And I’m sure my B6 agenda will nicely fitted in.

    And don’t know where this thought comes, this is suitable for designer since it’s me. LoL

  2. Elaine Teo says:

    I would choose the black square bag.
    Neat, quirky n edgy is the first 3 impressions that this bag gave me.
    I can match it sharply with the 9to5 black flare dress for an edgy yet professional look. While it brings out the details of the bag..
    Simply lurv it!!

  3. Cynthia Ong says:

    i guess i would choose the 1st bag at the 3rd row.

    -looks very “designer” without having to pay so much for that designer look.
    -probably allows lotsa room space to put whatever i have to put in
    -easier to match with different kinda clothes that you have.
    -good for work and the after-work party without having to change bags

  4. A.Emery says:

    I would choose the leopard maxi carryall likewise as i am a major fan of them! As prints screams “STYLE” and this particular bag is so so so unique!! Not everyone can look great with it.

    With prints making waves around the fashion world this fall, one could easily stand out in the crowds with this lovely arm candy too!

    Also with its favorable size, i would be able to use it as a day bag. Or to bring it along whenever i fly overseas!

    It’s such a beauty to own!

    P.S: Only suitable for the BOLD

  5. Jesslyn Lee says:

    In love with the Leopard print maxi carry all.It’s a bold fashion statement and striking to hold!Besides,in this bustling city of Singapore,there is always enough time for one to just turn to look at this eye-catching bag for a moment!Additionally,there’s this lil cute lock to complement the whole design.Yep that’s how i view it! Lock’in,rock’in and flaunt’in away! :-)

    • Jesslyn Lee says:

      **and the uniquely designed bag is what makes it the-more desirable,because it is not just any imitation BUT exclusive to yours truly, Hehe <3

  6. Suryati Widjaja says:

    The “leopard print” bag is IT!

    The versatility to go from office bag in the daytime to an attractive accessory in the evening, the ability to stand out amidst a sea of bags, the simpleness of pairing it out with a pair or jeans or a bold red dress are all reasons for craving such a masterpiece.

  7. Joy Chan says:

    I love love love the leopard print carryall! I’m actually quite a conservative dresser, but have an inexplicable penchant for leopard print, which manifests in my wardrobe as leopard print belts and shoes. Must be my inner wild child peeking through, lol. Have been looking for a leopard print bag for awhile, and this is perfect! The size is great for a working girl who needs her laptop and papers on the go, or as a really chic diaper bag for a yummy mummy. I especially love that the Hermes style lock and flaps are printed on the fabric- makes it just a little bit different :)

  8. Liyun says:

    I like the Leopard Print Maxi Carryall!

    Very chic and practical, which I think will go very well with the 9 to 5 Fitted Scallop Dress I recently purchased! :)

    If I win this bag I’ll definitely take a picture of the dress with it!

    Anyway on a random note, love flaunt to bits! Do bring in more work dresses :) ))

    Looking forward!

  9. Denise says:


    great colour, cute shape and very versatile!<3

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