:: stripe me bare ::

Is it me or does every single post so far seem to have a striped outfit of some sort? well, except for the denim dress. I swear its not deliberate. I guess I’m going through a stripey phase. Or i just happen to remember to take pictures only when I’m wearing stripes.

Here’s the latest outfit post. And guess what? Yeap, I’m in stripes again.

Sorry the background isn’t that pretty but my friend had to rush off so I only had a few seconds to get shots of this outfit.. I kinda like my drop crotch jeans but like the Barney skirt, it doesn’t get a lot of wear. Haven’t really figured it out yet. Still working on the perfect look for this baby…. I like to imagine the 2 people in the background were a sweet old couple holding hands. How sweet would that be… but alas! They were just 2 old men waiting to cross the road.

So.. Halloween just passed. I didn’t dress up for it, but here are some photos I took, not during Halloween, but a couple of months back, just for fun!

How was your Halloween weekend? :)

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One Response to :: stripe me bare ::

  1. MissChief says:

    Love the pics! Very Japanese!
    are you sure those were 2 men? The one on the right looks awfully like an old lady.

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