:: the barney skirt ::

I’ve always thought a purple anything was hard to wear, so when I saw this skirt, i stood in frozen silence for ten whole seconds before slowly walking up the narrow store space toward the smiling girl who would ring up my purchase. I say slowly because i hate, ABSOLUTELY hate, buying anything that would end up in a dark corner at the back of my closet. I remember clearly that the Mind was certain this would indeed be a regrettable moment, yet the Body just simply would not listen.

Smiling girl: I LOVE this skirt. And this is the only piece we had made.

Mind: Of course you’d say that. You’d have to say that to anyone to get them to buy this Barney skirt.

(Body thinks: only piece. only piece. only piece.)

Smiling Girl: ……. (loses her smile and at a loss for words)

Me: *sharp intake of breath* OK FINE I’LL TAKE THE BARNEY SKIRT!

Smiling Girl: (Pearly whites magically reappear) Oh you won’t regret it!

The Body throws my money down, grabs the skirt and makes the quickest beeline for the exit before the Mind could say NOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!! *echo echo*

.true story.

Gotta admit that since the purchase a few years ago, the barney skirt didn’t get a lotta action but the past year i had a change of heart so he and i have been more chummy than usual. Nowadays, i slip him on without even batting an eyelid. Oh, guess he’s not that bad after all.


It doesn’t hurt that Barney has massively deep pockets either.

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5 Responses to :: the barney skirt ::

  1. jamie says:

    Love this post! I have a similar piece!

  2. Lynnie says:

    i like this post! very dreamy pix too, can’t wait to see more. and the barney skirt iss sooooo cute and like, so stylishh keepit up babe<3

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