:: too much of something is sometimes a good thing ::

This is my 4th post.. and already i feel like i am hooked on blogging. Its so weird! All I’m doing is posting pictures of my outfits!

This next picture is close to my heart. I don’t know why. No make up, just outta bed hair, and my trusty gumboots coz it was pouring. No surprise there. Everytime i see sunshine in taipei, I always feel like a shipwreck victim on a piece of ¬†driftwood who suddenly sees land. Like, OMG! I see light! sorry bad joke. Bet you’re not laughing there Chele! (inside joke!)

Just like how sometimes someone dedicates a song, this one’s for u guys!

I love that this jacket has black sleeves, just one tiny glitch. it’s made of pleather with NO lining and it’s just SOOOO hot to wear in summer coz it doesn’t absorb sweat, and it doesn’t let any air through! Weather’s turning so it should be fun to play with again! Oh winter just COME ALREADY!

One more with a hair raising, goose bump inducing face!

Always happy when i shop in the men’s section and find a treasure like this striped tank top¬†from AA.

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